Measurement Markers: How it Works

At Taylored LLC, we've all shared the same pain when tying our neckties. The problem of retying your tie multiple times to get the right length was a regular occurrence, and added to the tedious and frustrating task of getting dressed as a professional. That's why we decided to put our heads together and develop a brand of ties that has embroidered stitches that assist you in the tie tying process. The stitches act as reference markers to help you know where to start the tying process within your own individual tying habits. Its fast and easy and will ensure you get the perfect length, EVERYTIME.



Step 1: Find the Notches

Note the 5 different markers on the tail end of the tie.



Step 2: Determine Which Notch Makes the Best Length

Note what marker you cross when your tying your tie.



Step 3: Use That Notch Each Time You Tie Your Tie

If the desired length meets your preference (not too long or too short), remember what marker you crossed (1,2,3,4,or 5) and refer to it each and every time.